July 30, 2014

My First Sampler

After finishing the cross stitch bookmarks mentioned in previous blog posts (here and here), I wanted to try something a little more difficult. I decided to make my first sampler! I'm currently copying the pattern shown above but with little changes here and there to add some modern elements.

July 21, 2014

Other Things I've Been Up To This Summer...

I made up a little thank you gift set to thank Joanne for all the cross stitch goodies she gave me. I got her a little floral tote bag with a cute bear notepad from Harrods that I knew she would love and a tiny keepsake box shaped like a house. It was just a small gesture to show her how grateful I am for all the craftiness she's shared with me!

I also wrapped up a good bye gift for a friend that was leaving the area for a work/internship opportunity. Very bittersweet since I'm so happy for her accomplishments but sad that I won't be seeing her very often for the next year or so.

I finally printed out photos from 2006 to present (about 500 in total!!!) which has been in my to-do list since 2012! I organized all of them and put them into albums by chronological order. It took a couple of weeks because I wanted to label the date, location and people in the photo on the back of each photo. Call me crazy, but I did it!

I finished reading this lovely book, "The Princess of Tennis" by Jamie Lynn Lano. It's about her experiences working at a famous manga studio (known for creating the Prince of Tennis series). She's one of my favorite bloggers and the writing of the book is similar to what you would find on her blog and is very conversational. I don't watch anime nor do I read manga but I enjoyed this book a lot. It was a very easy read and almost felt like I was reading a diary or invading someone's thought bubble. I had pre-ordered it when she first announced it on her blog and it came with a cute bookmark and pin shown above. I recommend it to people interested in how a manga studio is run, fans of the Prince of Tennis series or those just interested in learning about someone's experiences in a creative/artistic field.

I'm also looking through some books that Joanne lent me to get some ideas for my next cross stitching project. I'm working on one as we speak!

I don't want this summer to end! I'm looking forward to tackling on some new projects before it's over :)

July 13, 2014

Pill Plush and Medicine Bottle Cover

I made this pill plush for a belated birthday gift. It can easily double as a decorative pillow and is very huggable :)

July 2, 2014

Another Cross Stitch Bookmark!

The picture above is of one of my favorite shirts for lounging around at home. I bought it at Urban Outfitters a couple of years back on sale and love it for the irony. (People don't usually associated printed cross stitch with thugs ;) )