December 20, 2014

My Ugly Christmas Sweater

I'm sure most of you have heard of the ugly sweater parties that have become popular in recent years during the holiday season. If you haven't, it typically involves people purchasing sweaters with holiday designs (usually Christmas themed) that they deem ugly, goofy, and/or tacky and wearing them to parties and other events. I LOVE cheesy events like this and this year is the first that I've been able to participated in it. I actually have three events involving ugly sweaters. Ha! 

Since I didn't want to spend money on a sweater I would only wear several times a year, I decided to just make add-ons to attach to a cute cardigan I already own. The finish product is show above!

December 14, 2014

Holiday Crafting At School

Finally, an official craft post! Yesterday, our school had a Holiday Open House where the students made items to sell. It functions as both a fundraiser for the school and allows the parents the chance to check out our campus since many live far away (most students use the school bus to get here). My class made four items to maintain some variety since we weren't sure what would sell. 

December 5, 2014

'Tis The Season To Craft

It's December and that means some crafting is in order! I've been pretty bad with crafting over the past few months but as classes wind down (next week is finals week! Eek!), hopefully I'll be able to work on some things this month. In two weeks I'll also be on winter vacation. Did I mention how much I love working for a school?

Hope all is well!