July 25, 2015

A Gift for the Crafter

Don't know what to get a crafty friend? Make them a craft kit! I have a lot of little items that I use for crafts so this was really easy to make. I bought a plastic organizer box from Daiso (of course) and filled it up with little goodies and craft supplies that I thought my friend would like. 

Add a ribbon and a cute gift tag and you're good to go! It was easy and I love how colorful it looks!

July 19, 2015

Daiso Haul

Just some crafty items from Daiso that I purchased a couple of weeks ago! I love how they're always bringing in new items. I'm actually going to visit one today!

July 10, 2015

Decorating with Daiso

I'm quite a big fan of the Japanese discount chain, Daiso, as you probably know from seeing my some of my posts (herehere ,hereherehere, and here). Recently, the Daiso stores near me have really improved the variety in their home decor section.  Last month, I redecorated my desk area so I LOVED this! As I'm typing this, the wooden stand and white frame are sitting proudly on my desk exactly as you see them. :)

They have been stocking pretty wooden shelving units (center of this picture) and my friend Janet recently gifted me with this one. I'm using to hold my small figurines. If you lie them flat on a table, they make great divided compartments for storing school supplies, too!

They also have these cute house-shaped wooden frames. I was really lucky as Janet gifted me this one since as well. Technically, you're suppose to place this on your desk but I thought it would make wall decor to hold several little houses I have. (How fitting, right?)

I was also really happy to see these cute bulletin boards! The price is a little higher at $3.00 but still really affordable. I used mine to hang some keychains that I love but didn't want to get worn and damaged hanging with my actual keys.

Now I know Daiso has always sold mugs but I thought this one in particular would be perfect for holding deco tapes for easy access on my desk.

Bravo, Daiso for being a great resource for decorating on a budget!

July 3, 2015

Diaper Cake Tutorial

Last week, my sister mentioned that she wanted to gift her friend a diaper cake for her baby shower. I had a vague notion of what that was and offered to make one for her to bring. After scouring the internet for pictures, I created this 17.5 inch tall (21 inches with the topper) cake using 72 diapers! It was really fun to make and looked adorable. I've included a tutorial to this post in case you'd like to make one as well!