October 16, 2016

2016 Korea Trip Stationery Haul

This past June, I visited Seoul for a short vacation. Of course I had to check out the stationery and craft goods! In addition to their amazing beauty products, Korea has one of the best (and affordable!) selections of stationery goods. The majority of these items were purchased at Daiso, Art Box, HomePlus, Kyobo Bookstore, and E-Mart.

First up is notebooks! At a local stationery shop, I bought this cute little Seoul notebook on the left as my touristy souvenir. Inside, there are small watercolor paintings of popular landmarks in Seoul like the one on the cover. The notebook to the right was a cool strawberry yogurt drink and says "I'm premium." I believe I bought this one at Kyobo Bookstore.

I also bought several dateless planners to use. These were from Daiso and only 2000 won, less than 2 dollars!

The back of the planners show a preview of the layouts inside. It includes weekly and monthly views in addition to note pages. The designs were adorable with simple food motifs on each page.

I also bought some floral planners and these were from Daiso as well. A bargain at 2000 won!

The back of the floral planners also show a preview of the layouts inside. It includes weekly and monthly views in addition to note pages. Very simple a classy!

Some more dateless planners! These were from E-mart and I believe they cost 4000 or 5000 won (a little less than 4-5 dollars). They were a little more pricey compared to the Daiso planners but definitely had more details to the pages. Let's take a look inside them.

Unlike the Daiso planners, these laid flat, which made photographing them a lot easier. They also had a layout for a yearly plan.

A view of the monthly layouts

A view of weekly layouts

A view of the memo pages

I also picked up a cool popsicle pen and a notebook with the same design as the E-mart planners at Kyobo Book Store. As you browse through several stationery stores, you'll notice that a lot of items share similar or even exact designs.

Onto the stickers! There were tons of stickers available ranging from 1000 to 2000 won. Daiso in Korea is a lot bigger than in America (think 4-5 stories tall) and their sticker collection was very impressive. I actually went to about two Daiso stores each day I was there! The stickers that are boldly marked with 1000 won on the upper right corner of the packaging are all from Daiso.

I bought these stickers at a mom and pop stationery store near COMMON GROUND, a shopping area made out of shipping containers.

These food stickers are made out of a raised plastic material and are from Daiso Korea. The quality is superb!

Here are some felt stickers, also from Daiso Korea. There were two sheet in each package!

Daiso Korea also had some character stickers that were pretty cute. These also came with two sheets in each package.

These emoji faces and heart stickers are also from Daiso. Can you guess how many sheets were in each package? ...NINE! Yes, there were nine sheets in each package for 1000 won. CRAZY!

Daiso Korea also had some lifestyle and cafe design stickers that had great artwork. Two sheets each. I really love these!

Just when you think this is turning into another Daiso haul, here are some stickers from Art Box. Each of these were 1500 won. Sadly, only one sheet per package haha.

At Art Box, I also bought some stickers from the popular brand, Funny Sticker World.

I loved the illustrations on the Little Universe stickers from Kyobo Bookstore. I also snagged a perfume set while there as well.

Daiso stickers are making another appearance over here to the left. I also bought the food stickers to the right from Home Plus. I don't know if I can bear to use those because they're so cute! I love that they are popular Korean snacks!

The felt heart stickers are from Daiso while I believe the other two are from Kyobo Bookstore.

I already started using this one! It came in a set of two and is also from Kyobo Bookstore.

And lastly, here is a Korean sticker book I also snagged at Daiso. It's an activity book for kids but hey it was cute and had different food scenes!

The back of the book with a preview of all the pages

This was a pretty amazing trip for stationery goods, especially stickers, if I may say so myself! This is actually just a sampling of the things I purchased (I also bought a bunch of non-stationery/craft related things) but those have already been given away as gifts to friends. In terms of crafting supplies, the only thing that was lacking in Korea was the washi tape. I found the designs either too simple and easily found stateside or pricier than what I could find online. Regardless, I really miss the great selection of stickers and notebooks in Korea! There's a chance I may go back to Korea next summer so perhaps I'll be able to take a few pictures of the stores if I am able to go. Since it was my first time in Korea, I was pretty overwhelmed and forgot to get some good pictures of the store interiors (d'oh!). 

Until next time!


  1. so cute! i promised myself that when i travel to korea, i will buy a lot of stationery stuff (especially planners) and their beauty products. korea just have the cutest and cheaper beauty and stationery products! (plus my oppas kekeke)

    1. Daiso and Art Box are everywhere!! And it's so easy to buy beauty products there! Make sure to bring a big suitcase when you do go :) <3