January 8, 2017

Some Things from Michael's

Yesterday I went to Michael's and picked up some cute cards to use as Thank You cards for the gifts I've received this holiday season. I also had a gift card I wanted to use up, which paid for most of the purchase so I don't feel too bad ;) I love Michael's because their cards are always so affordable and the designs are lovely. Here are a couple of things I've purchased from them!

This pack of cards comes in 5 different colors (purple, orange, green, red, blue)  with a total of 25 cards! I used these for this year's Valentine cards and loved how they all came out! I'll be sure to post them once February rolls along. 

Floral greeting cards for $1.50 per pack. So affordable and I like that there's no message on them so I can use them for any occasion. 

Look at these sweets themed cards! I believe these were either $1.50 or $2.00. I love the painted look and was sad that these were the only two packs left at the store! Otherwise, I would've stocked up on these as you rarely see the same card designs restocked once they're gone. :(

I also got some mini brads (always nice to keep brads on hand) and these map stickers that were on clearance. I think the stickers will be nice for a travel themed planner layout :)

Some more great cards for $1.50! Watercolor designs seem to be in and the "You are Super" cards will be nice for multiple occasions. I like the striped "Thank You" cards because they give me of Kate Spade vibe.

I also picked up this cute food themed Valentine sticker book for $1.00! You get 6 pages of stickers total with 3 different page designs (2 pages of each design). Loved this!
Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

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