February 20, 2017

Using Up Washi Tape

I've accumulated quite a few rolls of washi tape via gifts and my own personal collecting. It's so easy to grab a roll or two now that it's so accessible and sold in well-known stores (lookin' at you, Target and Michael's). There are a ton of listings on eBay now, as well! With so much washi, I've used them for multiple projects. Here are some of my favorite ways to use them up!
1. Decorating my planner
This is why I started collecting washi. I love how it looks on my planner and it leaves clean dividers for each day of the week.

2. Envelope seals!
In addition to using them when making cards, I like to use bits of washi to seal envelopes. It keeps the cards in and adds a decorative touch.

3. Decorating binder clips
I like to keep my school supplies cute and found that the typical washi tape roll is the perfect width to wrap around mini binder clips. Remember to get silver or white binder clips if you want the colors of the washi tape to show more vividly. These were made using silver binder clips!

4. Decorating clothespins
The skinny width washi tapes are also the perfect width to cover clothespins. It makes an easy way to dress up hanging photo layouts. These were made using white/painted clothespins although I'm sure a natural wood clothespin would still look fantastic with the washi tape. 

5. Decorating just about anything, Really.
I have also used washi tape to repurpose an old Valentine's Day themed mail box. I didn't really like the look of it so I grabbed a couple of rolls of washi tape to cover it up.

Washi tape provides an easy way to recover most surfaces.

You can still see some of the pink peeking out from when it was a Valentine's themed mail box but it still looks pretty clean with the washi tape.

Nowadays, I'm also finding washi tape that has more of an artistic touch (think water color paintings and illustrations) so I'm thinking about highlighting that in a post another time. These new types of washi sure make it more fun and addicting to collect! Cheers to washi tape and happy crafting with them!

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