February 5, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

For the first time ever, I was able to make my Valentine cards ahead of schedule (Go me!). Like previous years, making new Valentine cards calls for new cheesy pick up lines! This year, I decided to make pop-up cards and use scraps of cardstock and felt to create different scenes. Super happy with how everything came out and I do believe, these are my best Valentines yet :)

Valentine #1: I'm a bee.

...Can you be my HONEY?

Valentine #2: Ouch! My teeth hurt

...'cause you're TOO SWEET!

Valentine #3: I must be in a museum

...'cause you're a WORK OF ART!

Valentine #4: Girl. you got Wifi?

...'cause I'm feelin' a STRONG CONNECTION!

Valentine #5: Did your license get suspended?

...For DRIVING all these guys crazy!

Valentine #6: I bet you play soccer

...'cause you're a KEEPER!

Valentine #7: Was your mother a beaver?

...'cause DAMMMMMMMM girl!

Valentine #8: Are your parents bakers?

...'cause they sure made you a CUTIE PIE!

Valentine #9: Are you a magician?

...'cause Abraca-DAYUM!

Valentine #10: Are you a cat?

...'cause you're PURRR-fect!

Valentine #11: Hey, tie your shoes!

...I don't want you FALLING for anyone else!

Valentine #12: You must be a typewriter

...'cause you're just my TYPE!

I used my new label maker for the text and was very happy with how everything came out. It was a lot easier than handwriting the messages because sometimes I'll rewrite the messages several times before I'm happy with my own writing. This saved a lot of time and I like how consistent the writing is! I really enjoyed making these and can't wait until next year to make some new ones. Not sure what the theme will be but it will be fun thinking of some new ideas!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Materials: label maker, cardstock, Sharpie markers, washi tape, glitter tape, glue, scissors, felt, construction paper scraps, hot glue gun, Mod Podge

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