March 18, 2017

Secret Book Gift Wrap Tutorial

Want a unique way to wrap a gift using recycled materials? Why not try using an old book! Here's a quick and simple tutorial to do just that!
You Will Need
a book you're willing to cut up (hard cover recommended)
utility blade
glue (optional)

STEP 1: Measure your book to make sure your gift will fit inside. Think about the thickness of your gift and how many pages you're willing to cut through to make the gift fit inside. I decided that a video game case was not too thick and went for it.

STEP 2: Open the book and flip to your desired page to start cutting. Place your gift inside so you can get an idea of how much of the page you will have to cut. Make sure to leave space at each of the edges of the book. The thicker the edge, the less likely the pages will rip while you're doing all that cutting. I used a pencil to trace around the DVD so I knew how far to cut.

STEP 3: Cut the pages following the pencil markings. I pressed my blade firmly over the markings to cut through several pages as once. As you cut, follow the template made from the first page. Keep cutting until you get your desired depth.

STEP 4: Use a scissor to trim jagged edges and clean up the pages that have been cut.

STEP 5: Use a clip to keep together all the cut pages so they don't get in the way as you keep cutting. 

STEP 6: Once you have cut the pages to your preferred depth, you may start gluing the pages together to create a sturdy box or you can just place your gift inside. I didn't bother to glue the pages together because my gift was a solid single piece and the pages did not move once the game was placed in it.

STEP 7: Place your gift inside the book and you are done!

If you have cut through enough pages, the book should close with no problems!

I left the first few pages of the book, including the title page, intact because I wanted the receiver to flip through a couple of pages before getting to the gift.

It fits!

Since I didn't glue the pages together, the pages are still movable without the gift.

A great thing about this project is that you end up with extra craft materials that you can save for later. 
I used some of the cut out pages  and some silk ribbon to wrap the gift! Yay for knocking two birds with one stone!

Have fun!

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