July 16, 2017

Candy Letter Tutorial

Every year, I try to come up with a small thank you gift to give to my staff at the end of the school year as a token of appreciation for all their hard work. This year, I decided on making them candy thank you letters for a fun change. It's pretty straight forward but I've included a tutorial below if you'd like to see the specific candy I used!

You Will Need
printed letter
laminator and laminating sheet
a preferred adhesive (e.g., glue dots, tape, glue gun)

STEP 1: Pick up some candy from the store. I made sure to look for candy that had visible words on the packaging and a flat back to make it easier to stick onto a surface. I chose the candy based on how easy I could incorporate it into a sentence.

STEP 2: Create a message using the candy words throughout the letter. I underlined the candy words to put more emphasis on them. Make sure that the font is large enough for the piece of candy to fit on top of the word without blocking the rest of the message. The message I decided on was:

Thank you for make our students such smarties and going the extra mile. You may snicker but I think we hit more home runs than Baby Ruth this year. I know that's because out of everyone in the entire Milky Way, we definitely have the best staff. Thank you for all that you've done. Have a jolly summer! You deserve it!

STEP 3: Once you're happy with your message, go ahead and laminate the letter to make it more sturdy. Alternatively, you can place the message on card stock, poster board or some other thicker paper if you do not have a laminator handy. Then use your chosen adhesive to stick the candy onto the letter.

STEP 4: Package your letter and you are good to go! I added an autism pin to each package as I work in special education and placed more snacks and treats behind the letter.

It was a fun little way to say thank you to my staff who work so hard each and every day. Although this was specifically for school, I think it would be great for any occasion. It is budget friendly and can easily be customized based on candy preferences. I'm thinking about doing more of these letters for birthdays and Valentine's day. :) 

Until then, have fun making your own candy letter!

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