August 10, 2017

Summer 2017 Student Art Gallery

 I had a couple of posts lined up for the blog but unfortunately my external hard drive (where I had moved the pictures) suddenly died on me. I was going to copy the data onto my new laptop the next day too! (BACK UP YOUR DATA ON MULTIPLE DRIVES!) I'm currently trying to recover the data, hence the lack of summer posting.  

With that said, summer school ended last week and I have a couple of weeks before the new school year starts! One of the great things about working for a special education non-public school is that I get some freedom regarding curriculum. For summers, I like to focus on art to make it a bit more exciting for my kids (and staff). The kids read about the artists, study their art work and then I give them a chance to create the artwork in the style of the artist. Our culminating project is learning how to set up an art gallery that is open for the entire school to view. Fun, right?!